Sunday, March 7, 2010


We went off the diet this weekend (lack of preparation on my part) and things went horrible. This past week when we have not been able to do intro GAPS, I have been at least trying to make meals on full GAPS. But today, I had nothing. Nothing but oatmeal (not allowed on GAPS) for "breakfast" so I gave JJ oatmeal. Thankfully for lunch, we were able to go by the health food store and get JJ some grass-fed sliced turkey. But for dinner, even though a full GAPS, I think the sauteing of onions and beef was too much too soon for him. His tummy is bloated and he doesn't know when he is full again.

It was great this past week when he would eat and then STOP eating!! :D His body was getting a signal that it was full!! :D I feel so bad for him now that he is back to always being hungry and never being satiated. :(

But I will be better from this point on.

Even myself (who has been doing this fully with him) is completely bloated (ick!) after today's eating. I had no idea how much I needed to be on this diet with him until today.

Ok, so I need to be MUCH better about planning in advance.

The soups, he and the girls love. The broths - JJ likes them, but sisters, not so much. I actually think they are OK, but it isn't the most yummy thing in the world that you eat and then beg for more.

All in all, I am learning that this diet is beneficial for more than just JJ.

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  1. how are things going now? hope all is well, and that explains the blog-gap!