Friday, October 3, 2008

Thus Enter The Ragweed

Yep. We are now deep in the middle of environmental allergies. Last night was a tough with. With his RAD, he had an attack and could not breath. A does of liquid abuterol and he was breathing better, but you can tell he is not 100%. (Although those smiles he gave me this morning after waking up were so PRECIOUS!!!!)

I found some Little Allergies Allergen Block. From the personal reviews, people are saying it works. I just put some on him.

I also met with an allergies last night at a MOSAIC group (Moms Of Severely Allergic Infants and Children). He suggested saline solution sprayed in his nose. So I got some of that too. I found SinuCleanse for kids (there is a coupon there for $2 off). JJ is a little scared of it, but there is a video you can watch which shows the apparatus in the nose of babies (JJ LOVES babies), and that REALLY helped him. I also tickle the side of his nose with it. Right now I have only been able to get one squirt in each nostril. But hopefully the more he sees the video the more comfortable he will feel with doing it.

Don't want to try it again right now as I just put on the Allergen Blocker (and you have to reapply if the nose gets wet).

Well, I would LOVE to hear from you if you have tried either of these products (or the adult version of the Allergen Blocker from Chloraseptic).